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Fourteen provincial airports around Greece now managed by a Fraport-led consortium continue to post higher passenger traffic in the first six months of the year, with the overall increase put at 11.9 percent, compared with the same period of 2016......
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Woman Spits At Maestro For Playing Bach And Not Greek Music

/ Jul 4, 2018
An unprecedented incident occurred at a festival in Kavala. An elderly woman from the audience approached the maestro of the Philharmonic Orchestra
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Travel Guide Kavala: A Northern Greek Gem Of A City

/ Mar 22, 2018
Depending on the season, fishing vessels, ferries, sailboats and cruise ships all drop anchor at Kavala’s two ports – the old and
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Greece plans to expand the natural gas network to eighteen municipalities in the next years. Gas distributor DEDA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DEPA, the public gas corporation, plans to proceed with tenders for the development of natural gas networks in.....