Mid-Summer Rainstorm Floods Towns In The Kavala Region

Posted on July 18, 2018, 5:53 pm
22 secs

While Central and South Greece were hit by a heat wave, the North-East of the country was hit by a powerful rain storm and gusty wind. Streets turn into rivers, homes and businesses were flooded, roof tops were detached and trees were uprooted. Most hit by the extreme weather phenomenon in the heart of the summer is the town of Chrysoupoli and Nea Karvali by Kavala.

Chryssoupoli has been in state of emergency since the floods end of June.

Three villages in the area, Filippoi, Krynides and Kyroneri, are without water supply due to damages in the net work.

Domino effect in Palaia Kavala (above), where the storm detaches a big branch from a walnut tree that falls on telecommunications cables, the column that supported them falls on electricity cables. Police rushed to cordon the area until teams from OTE and PPC would fix the damage.

Some locals reported on social media that they have never experienced such an extreme weather in their lives.