Low “Nefeli” Floods Kavala, Sets Thousands Of Acres Of Agricultural Land Under Water

Posted on June 28, 2018, 4:59 pm
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More than 120,000 acres of agricultural land are estimated to be under water in the broader area of Kavala in North-Eastern Greece. Torrential rains flooded homes and business place and left behind the people in devastation.

Rivers and streams were flooded, landslides occurred and even parts of the national roads in the prefecture were covered with waters.

Especially affected is the town of Chrysoupoli built on sea level.

In the two hours, barometric low “Nefeli” hit the area, the Fire Service received more than 200 calls to rescue people trapped in flooded homes and to pump waters. Among the rescued were a pregnant woman and a 10-month-old baby.

According to our sources, several villages remain flooded and isolated on Thursday morning.

The mayor of Chalkero blames for the floods the construction of natural gas pipeline at the entrance of the village.

Local authorities consider to submit request and have the area declared in “state of emergency,” state broadcaster ERT reports.

With temperatures below 20° Celsius and in mountainous areas at 15° Celsius, beaches were abandoned and some people turned on the heating devices.

Below is a gallery of images of the devastation the area suffered.