31st Mini Basketball Championship Of Kavala

Posted on March 06, 2018, 11:43 pm
2 mins

On Saturday, March 10, 2018, the 31st Mini Basketball Championship, organized every year by the Municipality of Kavala and “DIMOFELEIA” will commence with the first match to be held in the closed gym of the 1st Lyceum of Kavala in Chorafa.

Today at noon, under the patronage of the Sport Directorate of the municipal enterprise, took place the draw of the championship matches. At the same time the coaches of the teams that will take part were informed of the details and the rules of the conduct of the games.

This year, 46 teams, 23 boys and 23 girls, will participate in the championship, 106 matches will be played, 64 in the first phase of the championship, 24 in the second phase and 16 in the third and final stage.

There will be more than 700 students from the municipality of Kavala.

Details of the race schedule will be announced in the coming days.




1st Group: 19th BoD, 2nd BoD, 15th BoD, 13th BoD

2nd Group: 5th BoD, 17th BoD, Krinides BoD, 4th BoD

3rd Group: 18th BoD, 8th BoD, 7th BoD, 16th BoD

4th Group: 12th BoD, Palo BoD, 10th BoD, 24th BoD

Group 5: 25th BoD, 11th BoD, 22rd BoD, 21st BoD

Group 6: 20th BoD, 9th BoD, Philippi BoD


1st Group: 15th BoD, 22rd BoD, 14th, BoD, 12th BoD

2nd Group: 5th BoD, 11th BoD, 18th BoD, 4th BoD

3rd Group: 13th BoD, Krinides BoD, 8th BoD, Amygdaleon BoD

4th Group: 10th BoD, 16th BoD, 2nd BoD, 19th BoD

5th Group: 7th BoD, 17th BoD, Palo BoD, 21st BoD

Group 6: 24th BoD, 25th BoD, 9th BoD